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I think it's fair to say that in the midst of the corona induced panic we are currently experiencing, there have been many examples of the worst side of humanity. To those that are able to maintain some rationale and consideration for others this may be frustrating however we need to remember we can't control other peoples behaviour, only our own. That is why the LadLifts team has pulled together some ideas on how to deal with the Corona Apocalypse and Lockdown, here are our top tips followed by our commitment as a company.
Covid-19 Corona Top Tips
1. Maintain normality where possible - Chances are you can't do certain things that you normally do. As creatures of habit this can be really detrimental to us so it's important to keep as much normality as possible.
Action - Maintain your routine as best as possible. Going to bed, waking up and meal times are particularly important.

2. Hit your steps - Our bodies need to keep moving to maintain good health and function, if you are self-isolating or even just spending more time at home than usual it's really important to keep active.

Action - Go for at least two 10 minute walks each day at a comfortable pace.

3. Get Productive - Staying at home shouldn't be an excuse to be lazy, it's a great opportunity to do those things you've been putting off forever. Maybe you need to try and get the best deals on your utilities (Energy is really cheap right now) or if you're worrying about germs do that deep clean you've been putting off.
Action - Do 1 thing you you've been putting off.

4. Stay positive - There's a lot of bad news at the moment and many people will be facing uncertainty and financial pressures. There is lots of support out there and please remember you are not alone and you always have options.
Action - Talk to someone if something is worrying you.
Think Positive Covid-19 2020

5. Sleep well - Good sleep is vital to our bodies, it is recommended that we get between 7 and 8 hours sleep per day and remember too much sleep can be as bad as not enough sleep.
Action - Do not use your phone or Ipad 1 hour before bed .

6. Try new recipes - With certain foods being in shortage this is a great time to use up old ingredients that you have had in your cupboard. Find the ingredients that you want to use up and a quick google search should throw up some recipes, just remember to check used by dates before cooking!
Action - Make 1 new recipe from the ingredients you have in your cupboard.

7. Do a home work out - Home workouts can actually accelerate progress by changing things up and hitting muscles in ways you might not usually hit them at the gym. Body weight exercises are among some of the best for gaining definition.
Action - Do the following home workout.
Corona Workout 2020

8. Maintain social contact - If you aren't able to go out as much as normal this doesn't mean you should have any less social contact. Fortunately we have methods available like phone and video calls or you could even go 'old school' and write a letter.
Action - Call 1 person that you think may be struggling to check how they are doing.

9. Do something for someone else - If everyone does their bit then we can make the world a better place, doing something for someone else is also great for own mental health and wellbeing. Be part of the solution not part of the problem.
Action - Do 1 nice thing for someone else.

10. Too much news can be a bad thing - Too much news and social media can be overwhelming and can really affect our mental health, it is good to be aware of what is going on in the world but it is important not become consumed by it.
Action - Spend 1 hour away from all news and social media, meditate if possible.
LadLift's Commitment is;-

We will do everything we can to help anyone, anytime.
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