Dating Apps – Yay or Nay

Would you say your looks are your best feature? Are you beautiful on the outside but dead inside? No, well dating apps may not be the best thing for you. Read on to find out why...  

The average tinder user swipes 140 times per day. Imagine being in a line-up of 140 guys, are you going to stand out? Around 6% of people are super good looking and 6% of people are super not good looking, so if you’re like me and the other 88% of men then you’re going to blend in.   

What makes online dating worse is that more men use it than women (52.4% vs 47.6% according to Eharmony and more on other platforms). This virtual cockfest means that women can afford to be more choosy and thus gravitate further towards the best-looking guys.  

The good thing here is that online dating isn’t all that, only 20% of relationships start from online dating vs a massive 60% by meeting through a friend (again according to EHarmony). On top of that 52% of people lie on their profile and 23% of people have been victims of catfishing, doesn’t sound great does it?!



Get out in the Real World  

I always advocate trying to meet people in real life, this doesn’t have to be walking up to a stranger, it could speed dating, joining a club that you are interested in or going out with different friends and networking. The great thing is most guys aren’t doing this meaning the market is wide open and ready for the taking.  

You may have heard the phrase 'it’s 20% what you say and 80% how you say it', which is referring to the fact only a small part of communication is verbal whilst the majority is made up of body language, tone, expression, timing, social ques and a whole range of other things. Attraction works in the same way, don’t get me wrong looks are important but there’s all sorts of other things that can make you attractive or indeed unattractive.

Here's an analogy for online dating. On the left you have the newest, best looking, most desirable Iphone 11 but later you find there nothing more to it than a shiny exterior. On the right is the trusty Iphone 8, it's getting on a bit and is a bit less sleek than the newer models, but it makes you laugh and has all the functions you need!


  Online dating looks vs personality


Aim High 


Women can be harsh and when they are behind a screen, there is little consequence to what they say (or type). Another benefit of meeting them in person is that they are more likely to be considerate as they have to deal with the consequences of their actions. If you are a shorter guy for instance and that’s an issue, a woman will probably be sensitive and tactile about her response. This is the way most people are in real life and it’s the way it should be.  

In a fucked up but beautiful way the hottest women are also more attainable in reality than online. This is because online, most guys will swipe or send them a message whereas in person they won't for fear of rejection or humiliation. This means that the amount a woman gets approached vs how hot she is inversely correlated which improves your chances statistically.


Before you venture out 

If I had 3 things to make sure are on point it would be the following. These are topics that that will be covered in more detail at a later date;-

  1. Dress well - Get a woman's advice 
  2. Be well groomed - Check out our Beard Gains here 
  3. Be confident - More on this to come 

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