Elevator Shoes 101

For a brief introduction, here are 5 of the most common questions about elevator shoes (a term that I hate)

What are Elevator shoes? 

Elevator shoes describe shoes that are designed to increase your height, this is done by using a thicker insole that is often hidden within the design of the shoe. It is well known that many celebrities wear elevator shoes both on and off set to boost their height, the list includes Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr and Brad Pitt to name just a few. 

 Celebrity elevator shoes

How much height do normal shoes add? 

All shoes add some height, this typically starts around 0.5 inches for shoe with a very thin outer sole such as a standard Lacoste slip on and goes all the way up to 1.5 inches for a chunky Timberland boot. The average shoe will increase your height by around 1 inch. 

 Elevator Shoes 101

How much height do elevator shoes add? 

Elevator shoes generally increase height from 2 inches up to a ridiculous 5 inches. At LAD LIFTS we want our customers to feel 100% comfortable wearing their shoes every day, this is why we keep the height increase to a level that gives the maximum gains without compromising on comfort or usability. Check out or range of shoes here  

 Elevator shoes 101

Will Elevator shoes affect the way I walk and are they comfortable? 

In our experience, elevator shoes with particularly large lifts in can be uncomfortable and drastically affect your ability to walk. LAD LIFTS footwear is designed as comfortable and to be walked in as you would in any other shoe, we have achieved this by developing our range of shoes around our custom insoles to support your foot perfectly.  

 Elevator shoes

Can I use Elevator insoles in my existing shoes? 

We do not recommend using height increasing insoles in regular shoes. By introducing a thicker insole, the shoe will neither function properly nor provide the required support. Best case, your shoes will be uncomfortable and your foot may slip out. Worst case, you may do lasting damage to your feet.



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