Is Height Holding You Back?

If you’ve been following the LadLifts story, then you will know that our mission is to help our customers present the best version of themselves to the world. As our journey and initial product offering began with height increasing shoes it seems appropriate to do a featured blog on height and specifically, is it holding you back? 

Before we begin, I just wanted to state that naturally, we have almost no control over our height and most importantly, it has no bearing on whether or not you are a good person. Whatever height you are is enough and anyone that says otherwise probably isn’t someone that you want in your life.  

That being said we do live in a world where society judges us by the way we look, this can be the way we dress, our accent, skin colour, the car we drive and yes, even height.

Where Do You Stand?

I’ve always found that its best to start with a clear and accurate understanding of where we are in relation to what we are looking at. As part of my research for LadLifts I looked at lots of statistics to see if there would be a demand for height increasing shoes. Here are a few figures that I found fascinating which also helped me to gauge where I was on the height scale. 

    • The average male height is 5’10” (178.4cm) 
    • 68% of men are between 5’7” and 6’1” 
    • 16% of men are below 5’7” 
    • 2.5% of men are below 5’4” 
    • The average female height is 5’5” 

    All statistics are from Our World in Data and can be seen in the graph below;- 

    Average Height Graph

    Financial Success  

    Success can be measured in lots of different ways but in this blog I wanted to touch on the financial impact of height as it's the most commonDid you know that that 90% of CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies are above average height? And only 3% are less than 5’7 whilst 30% are over 6’2. To summarise thentaller men are massively over represented whilst shorter men are hugely underrepresented as top CEO’s. 

    A research paper published in the journal of applied psychology supports this by identifying that height is strongly correlated to men’s success, the study concludes that 'an increase in height corresponds to an increase in income after controlling for other social variables.' 

    Research by economist Nicola Persico goes one step further and puts a monetary value on the impact of being taller, he was able to demonstrate that statistically for every inch taller the average man is, he will earn 1.8% more annuallyBased on the latest salary figures from the office of national statistics this equates to a whopping £673 per inch taller per year.

    £673 Per Inch Per Year, Whatttttttt?!?!

    I know this figure sounds insane but when I applied this theory to my own experiences it was accurate. I thought about my previous managers or high-level executives I knew and generally they were above average height. 


    Whats the theory behind this? 

    A clue can be found by looking back historicallyin the days when most work consisted of manual labour, taller men would be at an advantage due to their increased size and strength.

    According to Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest, it is understood that our brains are also hardwired to associate height with wealth, power and leadership. Although this bias is very much redundant in today’s society it is still very prevalent.

    In addition to the above there are a number of other contributing factors such as being taller throughout childhood causing preferential treatment, being a better negotiator due to the intimidation factor and being more confident from being taller or superior in height than others. 

    From my own experience, I feel that this may be less to do with taller men feeling more confident and more down to shorter guys feeling less confident. To read more about my own experiences check out the 'about' page here 


    Whats the solution? 

    Que shameless plug; - 

    LadLifts Height Increasing Shoes - now they’re probably not suitable for the workplace but they’re still awesome, personally I love all the styles, they are super comfortable and add up to 2.8 inch height gains. I highly recommend checking them out here

    LadLifts Posture Corrector – Modern day living has caused us to adopt some pretty bad habits, one of which is posture. Make the most of what you have and gain up to 2 inches depending on how fooked your back is, check it out here


    On a final note 

    Seriously, if you are below average height I would advise you to pursue your passions rather than playing a game that is rigged against you. Use this as a great opportunity to achieve something truly extraordinary, create your own game and be the one who chooses who gets to playMark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos are two men that have done exactly this, these guys are synonymous with huge wealth and success and guess what? They are 5’6 and 5’7. 



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