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Beard Gains by Lad Lifts 

I have always thought a short or stubble beard was an attractive feature and my inability to grow one often bothered me, not in an obsessive way but I felt I was missing out. This is an account of my journey trying to grow a beard and, in the process, the creation of the 90 Day Beard Gains Kit.

My first attempt to grow a beard involved using minoxidil, a hair loss treatment widely used for male pattern boldness. I had done some research online and found that people were having results from using it on their beard. I bought some and gave it a go, applying it every day for a few months. My skin is sensitive and was getting dry and irritated so I stopped before finishing the second bottle. 

To summarise, I didn’t experience any significant hair growth, some days I would feel like it was working and other days I was convinced it wasn’t. It didn’t seem that the likelihood of results was worth the effort and I was always conscious that Minoxidil was originally developed as a medication to lower blood pressure and may have other side effects, this was another reason why I stopped.

A few years passed and I started to see a new device that people were using for beard growth, something I would later learn was a derma roller. These have been used in women's skincare routines for decades and are known to work on things like acne and scarring, they work on the principal of damaging the skin with tiny needles in order to stimulate the bodies response mechanism to regenerate the area of skin. 

I found a company selling a beard growth kit which contained a derma roller however their marketing made me sceptical. I’m the kind of person that always does independent research and likes to shop around, in doing so I found that their claims were largely unsubstantiated and similar items could be bought elsewhere for a fraction of the price.  

At this point I started researching micro needling along with other techniques, oils and supplements used for hair growth. I started buying products to test effectiveness, along the way there were plenty of things that didn’t work but a few that did. I used these as a base to develop my own improved versions with the focus being on value and results. 6 months after realising there was a gap in the market for a beard growth kit offering better value and improved products, the LadLifts 90 Day Beard Gains Kit was born; -  

Derma Roller 

There are a range of different size needles used in derma rolling (also known as micro needling), so we set about testing them all to find the perfect one. Our Beard Gains Derma Roller has 540 needles that achieve the desired results whilst being small enough to avoid lasting marks to the skin, ideal for the use on sensitive areas such as the face.

Beard Oils 

My research led me to look into natural extracts and essential oils, some of which had been used for hundreds or even thousands of years and have been proven to promote both healthy skin and hair growth. During the development stage of our beard oils we tried in excess of 50 different combinations of ingredients and have worked closely with our UK manufacturer to create the perfect product. Our Day Beard Gains Oil has an incredible scent to set you up for the day, it also includes 7 key essential oils for hair and skin. Our Night Beard Gains Oil contains a mix of ingredients with healing properties such as turmeric and tea tree, coupled with a more intimate night time scent. For the best results use both oils as directed in the kit's instructions.


Our bodies can only produce results if they have the right resources to be able to do so and unfortunately with the lifestyle that most of us lead, our diets aren’t always perfect. I researched what our bodies need for hair growth, speaking to medical experts, dietitians and exploring homeopathic remedies along the way. We have worked with one of the UK’s top supplement manufacturers to develop the 90 Day Beard Gains Supplement which contains 100% of the recommended vitamins needed for beard growth. 

The Journey 

When I originally started this journey, I had no idea it would result in the 90 Day Beard Gains Kit. Luckily I took a few photos before I started, they are pretty poor however they should give you an idea of what I was working with. You can just about see that I could grow a descent moustache, soul patch and chin hair but very little in the way of sideburns and cheek coverage. At 30 years old many would argue that this would be the maximum beard growth as limited by genetics. 

Beard Gains Before photo

Once I had started to see results and the exact ingredients of the the kit had been finalised, I decided to document and take photos of the whole process. Here are the photos from week 1 - 13. I tried to to shave/trim at the beginning of the week and take the photo at the end so the photos represent 1 week growth, although I managed to do this fairly consistently you may notice that the length is slightly different in weeks when this was not possible. 

Week 1

As you can see the beard is weak, particularly on the right side, cheeks and sideburns


Week 2

Little progress in the second week, I noticed the stubble felt more 'coarse' in the morning after using the roller/oil

Beard Gains Week 2

Week 3
This was when I first started to notice new hairs coming through, I've included a magnified photo that shows the new hairs
Beard Gains Week 3
new beard hair growing 

Week 4

I can see improvements after 4 weeks, the lighting in these photos isn't great

Beard Gains Week 4

Week 5

Some of the very fine hairs are starting to get darker

Beard Gains Week 5

Week 6

Hair are developing on the cheeks and beard line.

Beard Gains Week 6

Week 7

Around this time the hairs started to get darker particularly on the jawline

Beard Gains Week 7

Week 8
Overall coverage is improving
Beard Gains Week 8
Progress week 1 vs week 8
right cheek progress
Week 9
Beard looking thicker and fuller
Beard Gains Week 10
progress week 2 vs week 9 
left cheek beard progress

Week 10

Beard Gains Week 9

Week 11

This week I had to trim my beard early, you can see how much the coverage has improved compared to the early weeks

Beard Gains Week 11

Week 12

Beard Gains Week 12

Week 13
Final week shows the hair under the jawline developing
Beard Gains Final Results
Left jawline week 1 vs week 13 
jawline beard progress

Week 4 Front

Unfortunately this is the first week I thought to take a front facing photo

Beard Gains front week 4

Week 8 Front

Hair is darker and thicker, the jawline is now one continuous black line

Beard Gains front week 8

Week 13 Front

I actually took this photo after a few days after finishing week 13, I let my beard grow out and the hair growth exploded 

Beard Gains front week 13


I hope this account demonstrates my experience well, I didn't grow a thicker beard over night but with consistent use I have seen huge gains. If you have any specific questions please drop us a comment on here or @ladliftsofficial and we will get back to you.

In the meantime click here to take on the 90 Day Beard Gains challenge now!



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