Panasonic ER-SB40 Bad Ass Beard Trimmer?

In my previous blog available here I checked out the specs and reviews of 5 different beard trimmers to determine which I thought would be the best bet. I settled on the Panasonic ER-SB40 and now I have had a chance to get to grips with this bad boy, here is the follow up review as promised.  

Panasonic SB40 Beard Trimmer


The unboxing experience was the first test for the Panasonic and it didn’t disappoint. Straight away you get a good sense of quality, from the box to the travel bag nothing seems compromised and it’s clear Panasonic aren’t messing around. The manual is 279 pages long and even though I’m unlikely to ever read it, it’s reassuring to know its there and can be used for firewood if the Corona Pandemic goes on for much longer. 

SB40 Beard Gains trimmer

The Trimmer 

First impressions of the SB40 are that it seems significantly better built than any of my previous trimmersadjustment is simple with its single rotation movement and the guide is easy to remove but solid when attached. With its rubber grip the SB40 feels like it’s made the transition from amateur to professional and wouldn’t be out of place in a hair salon. The only concern I have at this stage is the SB40 can’t be described as small or delicate, I wander if this means it will have difficulty in navigating those smaller and more delicate areas of beard trimming? 

SB40 Beard Gains Trimmer


Press the power button and you can instantly tell this thing packs a punch; I would go as far to say, it’s hard to imagine you could get much more whilst remaining cordless. Another sign of its capabilities is this thing gets pretty hot which could be a bonus in those cold winter months. With its Lithium Ion battery, it is no surprise that both charging, and usage times are excellent. A haircut and beard trim down and the LCD screen was still showing high charge. Eventually, When it did go down to medium a quick 20 minutes on charge and it was back to full capacity. 

Panasonic SB40 Beard Trimmer

The Trim  

Now on to the business end of the SB40, the only thing that would make it easier to use is if it came with a barberIt gives an even trim and with its larger size there’s still no hard to reach or difficult areasI only have a thin beard however if you do have a forest growing on your face you would only appreciate the SB40 more, I'm confident it would go through anything. The SB40 is also very competent at cutting hair which has really saved me whilst barbers are closed due to Covid19. The missus, who has never cut hair in her life was able to give me a nigh on salon finish, it is worth noting that the maximum guide length is 10mm which is about a grade 4. 

Ultimate Beard Gains Trimmer


The research that I did in my previous blog has proven to be accurate and it is fair to say that the SB40 has met or exceeded all my expectations. It isn’t fancy and doesn’t promise to do a million different things however, it's easy to use, gives an even trim, has loads of power and great battery performance. The SB40 can trim both beard and hair very competently and I would bet that it will last you a verlong time. If you are in the market for a new trimmer and don’t mind investing £65, I would thoroughly recommend it. The Panasonic SB40 gets 5 stars from me. 



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