Top Tips
  • If your torso looks shorter and your legs look longer, you're going to look taller. To lengthen your frame, make a habit of tucking in your shirts whenever you can. This works particularly well with trousers that are already high-waisted.
  • If your arms are hugged too tightly against your body, this can create sight lines that shorten your overall look. Slimmer sleeves are a great choice if you want to look taller, as they make your arms look distinct. This lengthens your entire frame.
  • The bulkier your top looks, the more your figure drowns in your clothing. This makes your figure look smaller and shorter overall. Go for tops that are a little tighter and more form-fitted to elongate your frame.
  • Belts can be great for making your legs look longer and more defined. For the best results, wear a skinnier belt. Anything big or bulky will make your frame look smaller and shorter in comparison.
  • Regardless of the accessories you choose, keep them in the same colour family as your outfit. Wearing different colours divides a person’s body into separate segments. Wearing the same colour, or tones that are within the same range, creates one solid line for an observer’s eye to pick up.
  • Standing up straight can make you look taller. To stand straight, lift you head slightly forward. Lengthen your torso and spine. Widen your shoulders and keep your feet planted firmly on the ground, supporting your body and propelling it upward.




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