Black Obsidian is a volcanic glass that forms when molten lava is rapidly cooled. It has been used since the dawn of time, traditionally to make weapons and surgical instruments due to the extremely sharp edges that can occur when it fractures. If you're a Game of Thrones fan you may be interested to hear that Dragonglass is actually a reference to Obsidian!

Obsidian has also been used by different cultures for thousands of years for its healing and spiritual properties, it is thought that it can boost cognitive function such as clarity, focus and mental ability. Also known as the truth stone, Obsidian can help to see through the metaphorical darkness, expose lies and to uncover ones true inner self. 

Feng Shui Black Obsidian

The use of Obsidian is particularly prevalent in Feng Shui, the Chinese practice of harmonising individuals with their surroundings due to it's grounding affect. In Feng Shui, Obsidian is believed to help specifically with ones career path and journey in life by clearing the way to achieve your goals.

These aren't the only reasons that we decided to use Black Obsidian for our Black Stone Roller and Facial Sculptor, it is hard wearing, of an extremely high quality and looks awesome especially against the silver. Hopefully the above is completely accurate and we haven't gone completely cray cray. If you buy one we'd love to hear how you get on and whether it's changed your life!

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