Beard Definer

£10.00 £5.95 -41%

Beard Definer

£10.00 £5.95 -41%


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Details make perfection - Leonardo Da Vinci


If your serious about your beard, the LadLifts Beard Definer is one tool that you simply can't afford to miss out on. Whether it's your body or your beard, definition is undeniably an aesthetic quality and as our boy Leo says, "perfection is in the details". Ideal for defining edges, touch ups and filling in patches, our beard definer allows you to turn a good beard into a great one! 

Sharpen those edges for the ultimate defined look - Enhance your jawline and make your beard pop with definition you simply can't achieve naturally. Simply draw on the edge you want to define, if required use one finger to blend in for a clean finish.

Beard Gains Definer


Create a fuller look by blending in to you beard area - A darker background colour works wanders in creating a fuller, thicker beard looking beard. Gently Shade the area of beard you want to look thicker before using your middle and forefinger to blend in for a natural look


Fill any patches for full coverage - Use your Beard Definer to to fill in any patchy areas, this can done by using individual stokes to replicate hair growth or blended for a more subtle look.

LadLifts beard gains fuller thicker beard

Sharpen up your Brows -  It's no coincidence that male models always have nicely defined and shaped eyebrows, this can make a huge impact to your overall look and is one area we are way behind our female counterparts. Use to darken and shape the main body of your eyebrows and use tweezers to remove stray hairs and tidy edges.


LadLifts Beard Definer Eyebrows

The comb brush is ideal for your beard, moustache or eyebrows To complete your look use the comb brush to groom those hairs into shape resulting clean barber quality finish.

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