Black Stone Roller and Facial Sculptor

£20.00 £11.95 -40%

Black Stone Roller and Facial Sculptor

£20.00 £11.95 -40%


Face Looking Tired? We've got the Answer! 

Ladlifts black stone roller model

The LadLifts Black Stone Roller stimulates blood flow and increase collagen production, the result of which is fresher, younger looking skin and a naturally improved, healthy look.


Based on the same principles as Jade Rollers, an anti ageing device that women have sworn by for decades. The Black Stone Roller is our take on a Lad's version for the 21st century man. Simply roll from the centre of face outwards for a few minutes each day to iron out fine lines and wrinkles, over time leading to improved skin and fresher complexion.

Made from Black Obsidian, a type of glass formed from molten lava. This material is used in Feng Shui and is known for a whole range of spiritual benefits, if your interested to know more check out our page on Black Obsidian here 


Black Obsidian jade roller

Oil and Product applicator - Whether adding to your existing skin care routine or if you're just getting started, our black stone roller acts as an excellent applicator for creams, moisturisers and oils.  Use it to apply evenly and help absorption, especially good with our Beard Gains Oils!

Black Stone Facial Sculptor - Based on the Gua Sha, a massage tool that has been used for hundreds of years to improve circulation and promote better health. We have adapted this traditional concept to combine both the benefits of improved micro-circulation and the aesthetic gains from facial sculpting.

Gua Sha Facial Sculptor


Our face Sculptor has three edges;-

  • Jawline - To achieve a strong, chiselled jawline
  • Eyes - Perfect for refreshing tired looking eyes
  • Cheek/Forehead - Ideal for sculpting larger areas of the face and defining cheek bones

Complete 5 'strokes' whilst applying moderate pressure on the areas that you wish to be more defined and sculpted. Complete multiple times per day for faster results.

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