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Introducing Cosmo as part of our 2020 collection. Adding a healthy 2.4 inches, enough to make a massive difference with out feeling awkward or uncomfortable.

Heavy duty with extra thick knitted tops and the design of a more a more traditional sports trainer. Cosmo are our personal favourites and with each awesome colour combo offering a different look, you'll be loving whichever you go for!

Cosmo's are custom made with the height gains completely concealed with in the sole of the shoe, this means if you chose not to tell anyone, they will never know. 

Cosmo Height Increasing Trainers

🔥 2.4INCH Height Gains 🔥

After owning my cosmos for a while, I have got used to the extra height so even when I’m not wearing them, I still feel taller and more confident - Chris W 

LadLifts Cosmo Elevator shoes add 2.4 Inches

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LadLifts Cosmo height increasing shoes
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LadLifts elevator shoes height chart