Game Changer 

Introducing Cypher as part of our 2020 collection. Adding a healthy 2.4 inches, enough to make a massive difference with out feeling awkward or uncomfortable.

With their slip on design, Cypher's are best worn with ankle socks to complete that casual look. Featuring M Fashion and Free Coolala labels, Cypher is the aesthetic choice for style and height.

Cypher's are custom made with the height gains completely concealed with in the sole of the shoe, this means if you chose not to tell anyone, they will never know. 

LadLifts Cypher add 2.4 inches

✅ Vegan Friendly  ✅ 30 Day Returns Policy

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how to get taller with Ladlifts Cypher

🔥 2.4INCH Height Gains 🔥

I actually prefer being around other people now because often I am the same size or taller, I’ve never experienced that before - Lee H
Increase height with ladlifts cypher

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