LED Teeth Whitening Kit

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LED Teeth Whitening Kit

£39.95 £19.95 -50%


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Our Teeth Whitening Kit is a 15 minute treatment designed for maximum Teeth Whitening Gains as allowed by UK law. 

Teeth whitening Kit Model

LadLifts LED Teeth Whitening Kit contains;-

LED Mouth Piece - Waterproof and made from medical grade silicone and containing 16 Ultra bright LED lights to speed up the whitening process for the ultimate gains.ladlifts led teeth whitening

Comes with three adaptors compatible with either Apple, Android or USB Devices. When you're ready hit that button to activate the mouth piece, the smart timer will beep after 15 minutes to alert you when treatment is finished.
15 minute teeth whitening timer
3 x Teeth Whitening Brushes - Each containing 3ml of our Teeth Whitening Gel. Simply remove the lid and twist the bottom of the brush, you will hear an audible click and gel will be visible on the brush. Apply sparingly to the surface of teeth that you want to be whiter, sufficient for at least 21 Treatments.
teeth whitening pens

✅  Little to No Sensitivity  

✅ Removes Coffee and Red wine stains

✅  Vegan Friendly  

✅ Free Delivery on orders over £50

LadLifts teeth whitening gel

Our Teeth Whitening Gel is Hydrogen/Carbide Peroxide free and contains PAP (phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid) as the active whitening ingredient. Check out the results in this Day 1 vs Day 21 comparison!

Teeth whitening before and after

 Applicator Aid - We include a teeth whitening applicator aid with every kit. Improves access to the teeth allowing you to reach all the way to the gum line, prevents getting the Teeth Whitening Gel on your gums, lips and other areas of the mouth.

LadLifts teeth whitening applicator


Results within 21 days, Do not connect to a USB plug socket.