Black Originals

Coming Soon

Black Originals

Coming Soon


LAD LIFTS Originals Coming Soon!

Thank you to everyone who supported our Kickstarter campaign in December 2020. Unfortunately we didn't meet our funding target but the lesson we learned was invaluable. 

We will be making a few tweaks before launching a bigger and better campaign within the next few months. Register your interest by dropping us an email or message @LADLIFTSOFFICIAL for the chance to make the most of our Earlybird offer! 

Black Height Gains

Each pair of Originals are custom made and expertly crafted in the UK, incorporating an invisible extra thick insole that adds 2.2 inches to your height. Our shoes offer the perfect combination of high-end fashion and innovative design; enjoy maximum height and comfort every single day with LAD LIFTS.

Introducing the Original by LAD LIFTS

 Our Sneakers 

Height - See the world from a new perspective with Height Gains by LAD LIFTS. Our sneakers are the only viable way to increase your height, no magic growth pills or bone breaking surgery here!

Height Gain Benefits

Comfort - We know how important it is to have comfortable shoes when you are on your feet all day, this is why we've designed our trainers from the ground up using our custom insole to ensure your foot is perfectly supported throughout the day.

Originals Comfortable

comfortable height increasing sneakers

Quality - Our sneakers are handmade by the best British craftsman using the finest materials sourced from all over the world. By using the best, we can ensure our products are top quality and made to last.

 Quality Elevator Sneakers

Quality elevator shoes